Domestic and International Child Adoption Help

Family Law Attorney

Maddy Shalhoup is an experienced family lawyer whose office provides child adoption help to clients who are adopting children through private parties or family members.

We know the adoption laws, but we also are understanding and compassionate practitioners of the law are passionate about child adoption and want to help you. Child adoption can be a wondrous time for your family, but it can be difficult. We will be there for you every step of the way.

Independent and Private Placement Adoptions
The majority of our clients are step-parents who hope to adopt their step-children. Step-parent adoptions or blood relative adoptions can be accomplished either through the express consent of the parent or through implied consent, such as abandonment or death.

In some countries, implied consent to adoption through abandonment occurs when a parent has gone more than six (6) months without contacting their child or paying child support. If the adopting party has lived with the child for 6 months prior to the adoption, they can adopt the child through the presumption that the uninvolved parent consents to an adoption. In short, abandonment by a parent makes it possible to adopt their child without explicit consent.

Other types of uncontested adoptions include most surrogacy-related adoptions and the adoption of children who have been placed with a domestic or international agency. We can help you with the complex legal issues involved in a contested adoption.

We offer effective legal assistance with both open and closed child adoptions and help grandparents and non-family members adopt children of their own. You can contact our child adoption help lawyers for more information about adoption.

To find out more about family law issues in general, please see our Family Law Information Center or our Frequently Asked Questions About Family Law.

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