Grandparents’ Rights Lawyer

The end of a marriage affects others, not just children and their parents. Grandparents are also affected because they may be forced to choose sides when a long-term relationship meets a bitter end. This animosity can get in the way of grandparents being able to see their grandchildren when they are most in need of a stable influence in their lives.

At the law offices of attorney Maddy Shalhoup, we passionately represent grandparents who want to visit their grandchildren and maintain these positive relationships. We encourage the use of mediation, when appropriate, to devise solutions that are workable for all parties. If you are being denied visitation with your grandchildren, please contact our family law firm for a consultation.

Grandparents Have Visitation Rights

Under the law, grandparents and grandchildren have the right to see each other under certain conditions. If there has been an established relationship between the grandchildren and grandparents, they cannot be denied access to each other. Grandparent visitation can be granted even when the child has been adopted by an unrelated third party, such as a step-parent, when there has been court-ordered visitation in the past.

By exercising your right to visitation with your grandchildren, you have the opportunity to be a good influence on your grandchildren after a divorce. You do not have to let your grandchildren be hurt because of bitterness and anger between your child and his or her former spouse.

The law office of Maddy Shalhoup, can help you assert your rights or reestablish lost visitation rights with an enforceable court order to see your grandchildren. Our office can help you:

  • Obtain A Court Order for Visitation
  • Create an Established Visitation Schedule
  • Enforce Existing Visitation Rights
  • Reestablish Lost Visitation Rights

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